Loss of Weight Depending On The Seasons


Loss of Weight Depending On The Seasons: Did you decide to lose weight? Every year of the year and every month has its own characteristics that directly affect weight loss. Get rid of 13 kilograms monthly science plan.


It is very difficult to create motivation, so we train less than this month.

According to the new Danish survey, those who were beaten for 30 minutes were able to get 3.6 kilograms in three months, more than 1kg more than those who did the same for 60 minutes.

Studies have shown that men who have been trained for a longer period of time are less likely to eat and have more energy during the day.

Potential loss: 1.2 kg


February is full of viruses, the virus affects the weight loss, the more likely it becomes ill, the lowering of the weight is reduced.

So try to enhance immunity and not get sick.

Potential loss: 1.9 kg


As criminologist Michael Smolensk says, “Your insulin supply is 30% less in spring compared to September, so the direct combustion of calories is likely to be more likely than storage.”

Try to improve this effect, most of the food you get for breakfast during the day: Your body will use these foods for the energy needed to evacuate in the morning.

Potential loss: 1.6 kg


Practice the evening. Walk in local parks and do press exercises.

“People who practice in the evenings are improving muscular strength by more than 20%,” said Smolenski.

The study shows that the strength of the exercise can increase your metabolism by 6.8%, to help you get an additional 105 calories burned.

Potential loss: 1,80 kg


This is your last chance to lose weight before the summer starts.

Try to feed the left hand. According to The Personality And Social Psychology Bulletin, it reduces the diet by 30%.

Potential loss: 2,9 kg


Take ten minutes. Short nights may mean fewer holidays and even a lot of obesity, says Trainer Jim Carras.

People who feel a lack of sleep are more likely to suffer from hunger, as the hormones of leptin and gastric hormones are disrupted.

So that’s true when you sleep, you lose weight too.

Potential loss: 1,96 kg


An evening to have fun and stay outside. Not only will you get more than 2,000 calories each time, but according to researchers, the process is also related to methylglyoxal.

The clinic team recommends that you stay away from getting excess calories.

Potential loss: 1,7 kg


In the summer your body requires more sugar, because it starts collecting fats for the winter, “says Matthew Edhuld, author of The Body Clock Advantage.

Try to get more protein and healthy fats to keep the marine body shapes.

Potential loss: 1,7 kg


Get the nut to start losing weight in the fall.

Nuts in this season contain a large number of antioxidants and good fats.

According to Navaras Spanish University research, 30 grams daily can help you to lose weight by about 211 centimeters. It is better to get these products together with salad or coffee.

Potential loss: 1.5 kg


Have more sex.

According to Dr. Ednold, the highest rate of testosterone in the body in October.

Specifically, your peak hours vary from 8 am to 2 pm, so the middle day is a more favorable time. Especially recommended weekday.

Potential loss: 0,8 kg


According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 16 grams of probiotics per day are enough to reduce appetite, which results in a decrease of 1.4% weight after twelve weeks.

In addition, the immune system will also improve.

Potential loss: 0,4 kg


Enlarge the muscles with melatonin.

Hormones work this month is 80% higher than in July.

According to the European Journal of Endocrinology, the growth of hormones in December is the simplest.

Increase muscle tissue with 2 kg and burn 900 calories.

Potential loss: 0,1 kg


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